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n a leg of t▓heir trousers, and left fruit peelings● on their plates instead of throwing them under▓ the table! It seemed anachronistic. ● “I told you,” murmured Marten, finishing● his steak and a long s

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n leaning weakly against a ver
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ilence, a▓nd mopping his plate dry with a slice of bread ●plastered with butter from far-off Denmark▓; “I told you he was a

anda p●ost. “I only come
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real sport.● He’s the same one, an’ give me a swell hand-●out four years ago.” Maghmoód ente●red bearing cigar

with my mate, sir,”▓ I exp
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s and cigarettes on a silve●r tray, 331and the information that we we▓re to follow the commissioner to hi▓s office, t

lained.“It’s him as wants th
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wo miles distant. A●n hour later we were journeying ▓leisurely northwestward in a crowded trai▓n that halted at every ha

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mlet and cross-roa▓d.Marten had received a tic▓ket to Bankipore, far bey

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ond the destination of ●the local at Burdwan, where we ▓alighted three hours before the?/p>

ou wait,”


?arrival of the night exp

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ress.▓A gaping crowd surrounded us as we● halted to purchase sweetmea●ts in the baz

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aars and, flocking at our heels●, quickly drew upon us the atten▓tion of the local police. Dreadin●g Russian spies, the Indi

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an government has▓, during the few years past, requir●ed its officers to follow clo●sely the trail of foreigners within the▓ country.T

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he native policeman, however, ●could not distinguish a suspicious ●character from a member o

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Pellentesque aliquam in risus eu ultrices. Suspendisse id interdum nibh. Etiam vel mattis augue, a vestibulum arcu. Nam rutrum diam dolor, eu vehicula nisl tincidunt non. Fusce tincidunt id justo eu tempor. Phasellus sit amet ante lobortis, mattis sapien id, dictum ipsum.
tion.● Upon me fell the vague sense of having witnesse▓d scenes li
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